How we deliver

We believe in building skills and knowledge – so we start at a level appropriate to the people and use a variety of techniques. There are some inputs from us – of course – but there is also a rich variety of experiential syndicate work, discussion, role plays, exercises and debate about how the issues discussed on the workshop can be applied back home.
Everyone is encouraged to develop their own action plans and to work collaboratively with each other. There is no element of assessment, just a safe but gently challenging space where everyone can be themselves and learn from themselves, from others and of course, from us.

Normally we will support all events with a delegate workbook and promise to keep their interest to it’s max and the powerpoint slides to the minimum!

Often we suggest to clients that we devise workplace challenges with them which will have a real business effect when people get back. All of these activities are guaranteed to raise participants confidence and participation as their employers move forwards.